A little getaway to the Kananaskis Nordic Spa.

To think that I almost cancelled our massage appointment, because of the freezing temperatures makes me feel like an idiot. If you have ever been there, you’d know what I mean. It’s heaven.

I’ve anxiously been waiting since Christmas to go and now that I have, I’m already planning to go back! This time with the whole family, the hotel has 3 waterslides!

Despite the fact it was -36’C it was the most perfect day. My husband had his massage first, so I had the joy of lounging in the pools and saunas for an hour before it was my turn. I thought an hour might be a little too long, but I wanted longer! The eucalyptus steam room with the cold water bucket to dump over your head was my favorite. Followed by the peaceful Banyon sauna. I lucked out and managed to have the place to myself, the solitude was welcoming considering it was kinda busy. In fact I tried a couple times to get into the barrel saunas, but each time they were jammed packed of sweaty sauna folks, so I moved on. The views from the pools were beyond beautiful. Snow covered trees leading your eyes up to the majestic mountains made me more than happy to be Canadian and to have this world class spa in basically our backyard.


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