So this is it….

I’m taking the plunge. I’m really doing this. There are just so many reasons why.

The first being, I want to be a writer. Not a novelist, but a content writer. You have to really put yourself out there and share. Open yourself up to criticism and judgement. Not an easy thing for me.

Ever hear the song “Fast Car” by Jonas Blue? It’s cheesy, but every time I listen to it, I start tearing up. The lines ” I, I had a feeling that I belong. I, I had a feeling that I can be someone.” It’s so embarrassing to admit, but it really does trigger something in me. I have been struggling for awhile to figure out my life. Even though I’m happily married with 2 amazing kids and I love caring for my family, apart of me was missing. I was stuck. I lacked purposed. I wanted to find my passion and belong in my own life.

It took a couple months, a lot of self discovery, research and the help of an amazing career counsellor, but I pieced it together!! And now I can’t stop crying because I am so incredibly grateful I’m here, in this space and on this blog, writing.

I promise, all my posts aren’t going to be so personal. I feel like I have a lot of interesting things to share! For instance, I had my own soup company for 8 years and I’d love to share my amazing recipes. Also, I’m a mom, with 2 kids and a dog, lots to share there too! I’m also an avid gym goer, with lots of funny gym thoughts and stories.

My hopes are to create a space where I can attempt to share my almost deepest thoughts, my goals and passions with whomever can relate. I also have an excellent, super cheesy, inspiring playlist I can share, for real. 🙂


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