Simple 5 Minute Salads

5 Minute Salads

These salads have been in my family for years. I’m not sure where my Mom got the recipes, if it was from her German or Ukraine roots, but I do like that it has been around for so long. And like most recipes that stand the test of time it’s usually because they are delicious and remind us of our culture or childhood, both of which are true for these simple salads. I must admit though, it is kind of weird to think that I liked radishes and cottage cheese as a kid, but I did, lol.

I get pretty lazy in summer. These salads are on repeat a lot. Not only do they take 5 minutes, but I usually have everything on hand. The cottage cheese salad is even great for a lite lunch and it packs a ton of protein. Also, both work wonderfully with any kind of grilled meat. So, do yourself a favour this summer and stock up on cucumbers, radishes, green onions, cottage cheese and sour cream.

Cucumber Salad, serves 2

  • 1 long english cucumber
  • 250 ml 14%M.F sour cream
  • salt and pepper to taste, I like fair bit of both, about 1 tsp, but go by taste
  • 1-2 tsp fresh dill, optional

Slice cucumbers thin and place in a bowl. Add sour cream, salt and pepper. Mix till combined.

*This salad is best made fresh, if it sits to long it gets watery.

Cottage Cheese and Radish Salad, serves 4

  • 7-10 radishes, thinly sliced
  • 2 green onions, sliced thin, I only use the green part
  • 500g 2% cottage cheese
  • salt and pepper to taste, make sure you taste it before adding salt as cottage cheese is salty

Combine all ingredients and enjoy!

Don’t get hung up on trying to follow the recipes exactly. Make them to your own taste. If you love radishes, go crazy, if you aren’t a fan of onions, leave them out.

Another reason these salads are great for summer is because you can finally have a use for all those radishes in your garden!

My Mom. 1972.


  1. Oh my goodness..made me cry to think that you remember those salads and posted them with my photo.. Love you so much honey‚Ě£


  2. Saved me when I was feeling lazy about coming up with sides for grilled chicken! Love the photo of your Mom! Xoxo


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